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1. Diaspora Youth Empowerment

Diaspora Youth Empowerment is a non-profit organisation that empowers young Kenyan youth and are in line with the Global youth agenda. They aim to provide suitable Mentors in a variety of categories to enable the growth and development of young people and their chosen career path.

They have partnered with various organizations to provide professional services to the youth. This includes: Positive inclusions in entrepreneurship and start up loans; creative minds business and afropheonix pictures in media and film production; A step Forward in music production; Adadah youth Group in Religion.

Create a documentary for Black History Month 2013, Contributed to international youth day 2013. They also perform at various events to showcase the Kenyan culture.

Visit their website: www.diasporayouthempowerment.co.uk

2. Pastor Boniface Mbugua

Pastor Boniface Mbugua is the senior pastor of Revival House ministries. We would like to nominate him not just as a pastor, but an individual who is so committed to seeing young people walking the right path full of life and free of crime.

Through the ministry he organizes regular youth events and seminars to engage them in positive thinking, self respects and living a life that is purpose driven. He also oversees a prison ministry within the church and the purpose is to win incarcerated kids and adults with the love of Jesus, train them to walk in Christ’s footsteps and send them to inspire and win others in similar situations.

3. Wangu Mureithi

Wangu Mureithi is a 20 year old passionate and resilient young woman who is full of life and enjoys helping others. She adapts quickly to new surroundings and is highly organised, works well individually as well as being a focused team player when called upon. She is always willing and ready to learn new skills and understands the importance of maintaining professionalism.

Besides being a school prefect at an early age of 11 years, Wangu also perfected peer mediator-ship and was involved in anti-bullying and peace-making projects at school.

Wangu is currently a second year student of Brunel University, studying Anthropology with professional development focus. From an early age Wangu has learnt the importance of cultural diversity, accepting other peoples cultures and beliefs, and understanding them using their categories and not her own.

At the age of 15 years, she  joinined and volunteered at “Newham’s Children and Young People Board (YPB)”.  She has rendered a selfless service to YPB since December 2008 and this volunteering service is still ongoing.  While volunteering at YPB Wangu involves herself in the following activities.

  • As a member she has been instrumental in the interview and selection processes of many senior management positions for Newham Council and NHS
  • Organised, and revamped the “Shining through Awards”
  • Served as a peer advocate for young people with learning disabilities
  • Key player in the finance group for an Open House event
  • Involved in tender evaluation for Health Watch Newham
  • Represented all children and young people in Newham at social worker recruitment event and delivered the key note speech entitled “what young people expect from social workers”
  • Suggested a forum discussion for local residents based on their experience of Transport for London. Helped in writing application to UCL for funding, organising the different groups to be part of this forum and also the execution of the day’s programme
  • Attended youth exchange programme in Germany, learnt the language, and interacted with local young people
  • Participated in a ‘mystery shop’ for various services aimed at young people within the council

From October 2011 to date she has been working as a volunteer for “Conflict and Change (TRUCE volunteer)” and the following are some of the highlights of her activities:

  • Facilitated a community discussion around the London riots
  • Attended board of trustees meetings as a TRUCE representative
  • Represented TRUCE 2020 and Conflict and change at Independent Advisory Group meetings for Metropolitan Police
  • Attended a residential on the Israel and Palestine conflict hosted by “One Voice”.
  • She was one of the two 20/20 TRUCE Members who facilitated the London’s Burning film and discussion evening.  She was highly commended because she displayed bundles of energy and was very confident and facilitated with ease. According to TRUCE 20/20 the evening was an opportunity for 30 very diverse people to reflect again on the riots and on anti-social behavior generally.
  • Wangu has drawn lots of inspiration from this event and has duplicated it out during her visits to Kenya and Uganda that have been marked with attendances from a large number of young people. It is inspirational to see a young person become a driving force to the community despite of the countless impediments on the way.

In November 2012 Wangu was at the “House of Commons” to attend the launch of ‘Locals First’, a development and peace building approach that unlocks the capacity of the local people within their countries before sharing the expertise and resources abroad

A major highlight is this year (2013) is that Wangu was presented with a Bronze award “UK Youth and ASDAN” for her contribution in youth activities.

Volunteering work at Newham Council

In August 2010, Wangu volunteered in both “Corporate Parenting Team” and also the “Olympics team” and performed the following functions:

  • Accompanied social workers to regular visits to clients
  • Reviewed documents for young people in care
  • Attended events with carers and children
  • Created a timetable of events to happen before the games for the Newham website
  • Wrote an article for the “Young Mayors page” about how young people can contribute to the Olympics

Wangu has been volunteering a Sunday school teacher at Full Gospel Hall in East Ham, where she teaches children of ages 5 – 7. She is involved in lesson planning and delivery as per a syllabus.  She motivates the young minds to learn. This is often seen as a challenging task because the children are easily distracted but she tailors the lessons to suit short attention spans of her target group. This has made Wangu perfect her skills as a good teacher/facilitator and an effective communicator who builds build a relationship of respect and loyalty.

Wangu Co-co-ordinated the PCEA Outreach UK children holiday programme in August 2013, and the activities as dance, drama, games, art and craft and empowerment talks.

Community participation in Kenya and Uganda 2013:

In September 2013 Wangu attended a Non Violent Conflict Transformation Training of Trainers in Nyahururu (Kenya). This training was conducted by the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America through Dr Daniel Buttry in partnership with Peace, Reconciliation and Rehabilitation Initiative (PRARI), covering three regions in Africa; East (Kenya and Uganda), West( Liberia and Nigeria) and Southern (Angola and Zimbabwe) and also Diaspora Africans in the United Kingdom and United States.

While at Nyahururu, Kenya, Wangu participated in the formation of PAN AFRICAN PEACE NETWORK  (PAP-NET) and was elected its coordinator.

Under the auspices of PAP-NET and Peace, Reconciliation and Rehabilitation Initiative (PRARI), Wangu co-coordinated the training of trainers’ workshop at Kamwaura and Kuresoi in (Rift Valley, Kenya) one of the areas that that have witnesses ethnic clashes during the election campaigns since 1992.  The trainees were drawn from the provincial administration and the local opinion leaders.

Wangu through PAP-NET participated in Training of Trainers (TOT) which was a great opportunity of transforming a volatile society that has not known peace for decades in Kenya.  Wangu realises from her past experience that that the training is better conducted using holistic methods and the expected outcomes are sustained better by the learned internal dynamics.

Wangu radiated lots of enthusiasm and confidence while working with others, and especially with men who some were twice her age and this led to her being appointed as the coordinator PAP-NET, a charitable body, dealing in inter-continental conflict transformation initiative of today’s leaders in both Africa and the diaspora.

In October 2013, Wangu visited Kawempe, Kampala Uganda and participated in community building by raising awareness and promoting security of the Ugandan community through community training initiatives.  She trained the trainers of community in security measures of counter terrorism and violent extremism, through a local NGO called “Motherhood childcare project” and ANTI TERRORISM COALITION UGANDA.   She also trained the community on the matters of Social affairs, Economic development and Empowerment.

Wangu has worked as a volunteer at Limuru Children Home (a children orphanage) in Kenya. Her tasks were befriending and empowering the children and youth in positive achievement goals aimed at increasing their participation in society through increasing their feelings self-worthiness.  She contributed food items and as well as helped to prepare the meals for the children.

Wangu also worked in conjunction with Limuru children home and was involved in providing meals and befriending for disadvantage street children and mothers in the slums of Kawangare and Westlands (Kenya).

Wangu has visited Othaya Children Rehabilitation School (Nyeri Kenya) which is a rehabilitation centre for young offenders and worked both the children and teachers and encouraged them to aspire higher and feel self-worthiness.  She also empowered the children by showing them that they can excel in their studies if they work hard at school and keep away from crime and that there is always a second chance.

Throughout her youthful life Wangu has shown lots of enthusiasm in serving and helping the community. She has learned to juggle her life between education and community work and at times leaving her hardly with any time to have fun like other girls of her own age.

Wangu has made a choice of working as a volunteer in community projects as opposed to looking for paid part time work to get extra pocket money like most of the other young people of her age.  Despite this choice leaving her out of pocket at times, it does not seem to bother her as long as she has helped someone in the community.  This sharing spirit that sometimes leaves her penniless leaves good feeling as she considers the plight of others before her own. This spirit has been evident during her visit to the Kawangware slum where she donated all her food and was left with none


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