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The Young Star of the Year (age btwn 16 to 25 yrs old)

1. Grace Wanjiru Gitau

Grace Wanjiru Gitau was a A level student last year at Blue Coat Academy in Nottingham. She had the best O level (GCSE) results in her school and among the top students in Nottingham. She attained 7 A+ and 4 A’s making a total of 11 straight A’s.


2. Stessy Nyaga

We would like to nominate our president Stessy Nyaga for Young Star award. Stessy is 22 years of age she started Diaspora youth empowerment single handily and although her dream is to advance Forensic Science in Kenya she gives all her time to supporting young people both in London and Kenya.

Stessy has Sponsored and fund raised for orphanages in Kenya, providing them with food, learning tools and clothes with initiatives such as Say something- open mic night fundraising and give a child a gift for 2014 where she supports abused children living in the slums.
Stessy has organized an Open Mic Night fundraising where Kenyan Youth displayed a variety of talents to raise money for children within the Mathare slums. A small team of Kenyans visited the slums in August 2013 to spend the day with the children of Sinai. They invited Citizen Tv Sopha Machachari to entertain the children and provided aid for food and school equipment.

We would like to honor the youth who are making positive contributions to their community and encourage them that the Kenyan community supports them. Stessy has created a platform whereby young Kenyans are able to express themselves and following their dreams. She supports them using media, pr, consultancy, mentorship, and music. She takes time to learn her skills in order to help young people. She attends and supports most events hosted by young Kenyans.

Stessy uses her own resources to support the organisation and has connected the organisation with amazing partners such as heart for the city and Diaspora community services, black visions tv, positive inclusions/ rich visions. She has been nominated for an African achievement award. She is a humble and loving individual who usually goes that extra mile for young people, like taking them to health appointments, supporting those with disabilities, speaking to universities and colleges on behalf of the young people. Stessy is an outstanding individual and she is one of the few people fighting to make a difference and create a productive and fruitful generation of young citizens..

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